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White’s loan is another of the many non-bank loans that have been growing in demand lately and still in high demand. In this case, the loans are from 5 to 20,000 CZK with a maturity of 6 months to one year. Due to the long repayment, the monthly payments are not very high, on the other hand, the loan itself is certainly not cheap – it is caused not only by the interest rate of 19% but mainly by the high fees that this non-bank loan ranks among the more expensive. The white loan is arranged classically over the Internet, possibly over the phone, and the chance of approving is over 20 years old who do not have a record in the debtors’ register or execution. While there is a condition that the applicant must have a permanent income, but the income must not always be documented – usually no documentation is required. Either way, the White loan has a lower percentage of approved applications, most of which are rejected. On the other hand, applying for a loan doesn’t cost you anything, so you don’t risk losing your money. The disadvantage of the loan is, besides too high fees, a longer period of settlement, otherwise, it is a fairly reliable non-bank loan that will certainly find its customers. The company that provides this loan is part of a large multinational financial group operating in several other European countries – a proven and solid company that has been fair to customers for years. Of course, all detailed information is also available on the website of the loan, where interested persons can find a complete information service.

Guaranteed instant loans with us are fast and easy

You can apply for a guaranteed instant loan either simply through Payday Now website. In most cases, you will not need to prove your income or show your personal documents, but some clients may be required to do so.

White Loan Payment

Once the application has been reviewed and the loan approved, you should not wait for more than three business days for the money. Money is always paid exclusively to a bank account, cash payments or postal order payments are not possible for this loan.

Repayment of White Loan

You repay the loan regularly, always once a month according to your payment schedule. If the date on which the payment is sent does not suit you, please contact the client service to arrange a change to a different date. If you happen to have problems with repayment, be sure not to wait and deal with the client center staff to help you find the right solution.

You do not have to pay any penalty for early repayment of the loan, but if you do not pay the loan properly, you must take into account the penalties for each reminder. There is a fee of CZK 300 for the first reminder, and CZK 490 may be charged for the first and second notice of termination. If there is no change then the contract will be terminated and an additional fee of CZK 1,000 will be charged. You better watch the repayment schedule so you don’t need to pay more than you have to.

Fee Schedule

Loan Amount Due date Interest rate One-time fee Total Amount Payable
CZK 5,000 6 months 19% CZK 3,547 8530 Kč
CZK 7,000 6 months 19% 3 899 CZK 10 642 CZK
CZK 10,000 8 months 19% 3 927 CZK 14 418 CZK
CZK 12,000 8 months 19% 4195 Kč 16 561 CZK
15 000 CZK 10 months 19% 4 171 CZK 20 463 CZK
CZK 18,000 10 months 19% 4 498 CZK 23 725 CZK
CZK 20,000 12 months 19% 4 715 CZK 25 900 CZK


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I borrow CZK 20,000 for the first time, or is the first loan lower for new clients?

There are no restrictions for new clients, so you can choose the highest amount right at the first request.

How do I know the exact amount, how much would a loan cost me?

The White Loan website has a clear credit calculator right on the front page. On it, you just set the amount of loan and maturity and you will immediately get the exact amount of interest and all fees.

Is it possible to arrange this loan personally at a branch?

Unfortunately, you can not – the loan can be arranged only via the website, or by phone.

I have a steady income, but unfortunately, execution has been declared to me. Can I get the loan?

No, people who go through execution cannot get this loan. Similarly, people’s claims that have a negative record in the debtor’s register are also rejected.

How long does it take to pay out a loan? I need money in my account tonight.

It depends on the situation, usually within 3 working days. Since you must first sign the contract that the courier brings you, it is not possible to pay the same day the application was made.

Is it possible to have the money paid out in cash?

Unfortunately, no, the only option is cashless bank transfer. White Czech as does not offer loans in cash.