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Private loan & what if you are not repaid correctly

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Private borrowing is borrowing money from family and acquaintances. Due to the current economic crisis, it is more common than in the past to borrow from acquaintances or family. The reason for this is very simple: there is often a lower (or no) interest to pay. Figures from our Northern neighbors even show that no less than 9 percent of…

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Aids: Advance Of The Deposit And Guarantee Of Unpaid Rent

Locapass helpers The locapass aids are distributed by the 1% housing organizations and group two complementary devices. The first facilitates the entry of tenants by financing the deposit (deposit) and the other allows their maintenance by guaranteeing the owner the payment of rents. ADVANCE LOCAPASS The advance locapass takes the form of an interest-free loan and no file fees that…

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Who can Make a Payday Loan?

  Since the payroll loan is automatically deducted from the paycheck or monthly benefit , it is necessary to have proven fixed income, ie, financial stability. Thus, provided they have income and assignable margin , the groups that can apply for a payroll loan are: Retirees and Pensioners (INSS beneficiaries); Public Servants (Federal, State and Municipal); Military of the Armed…

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Acquisition Of Credit Over Indebtedness Bank

Before you consider buying back your loans Negotiate with creditors We advise you first to privilege amicable solutions and contact individually all your creditors to try to spread the debt over a period that is sufficient to maintain your purchasing power. Remember to formulate your proposal in writing giving as much detail as possible and to prove that the results…

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