Aids: Advance Of The Deposit And Guarantee Of Unpaid Rent

Locapass helpers

The locapass aids are distributed by the 1% housing organizations and group two complementary devices. The first facilitates the entry of tenants by financing the deposit (deposit) and the other allows their maintenance by guaranteeing the owner the payment of rents.


The advance locapass takes the form of an interest-free loan and no file fees that allows the tenant to pay the deposit, that is to say the deposit. The maximum amount of 2300 euros usually covers the two months in advance requested by the owner.


How is the repayment of the advance loca-pass?

The tenant enjoys a lot of flexibility since it has a period of three years with a deferral from 3 months to repay the advance locapass.
In addition, it is possible to adjust the reimbursement according to its availability by respecting a minimum payment of 15 euros per month.

Attention ! This minimum will increase to 20 euros from 1 September

In case of departure, the tenant must repay within 3 months the advance to the collecting body.

Who can benefit ?

Who can benefit ?

Until August 31, 2010, all tenants can benefit from the advance loca pass, they occupy a social housing or a private housing (agreement or not).

Good to know : the help also benefits the occupants of furnished housing.

From 1 September, the loan will be limited to 500 euros and can only benefit employees in the sector subject to 1% housing – which also distributes the employer loan – and to young people under 30 years of age.


The guarantee locapass allows, in case of failure of the tenant to guarantee the owner against the risk of unpaid rents. In return, the beneficiary of the aid will have to repay directly to the collector the payment of the rent.

Since 1 January 2010, for the private rental housing, the guarantee has been replaced by the rental risk guarantee ( LRG ).

For dwellings where the tenant receives the A.PL or receives a grant from the ANAH, the locapass guarantee is maintained, provided that the owner is a legal person, with the exception of family SCI (formed between members from a family)

This guarantee can cover up to 18 months rent, rental charges included up to 2300 euros maximum.

Repayment of the locapass guarantee

In the event that the guarantee comes into play, the beneficiary should repay the amount paid by the organization 1% over a maximum period of 3 years.
Regardless of the nature of the employment contract, whether it is a fixed-term contract or an interim contract or a permanent contract

Attention ! It is not possible to accumulate the guarantee and the housing solidarity fund (FSL) for housing from the private park.


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